SANS 2014 Update
SANS Animal Sanctuary is settled among 400 acres outside of Quesnel, British Columbia.   The animals that reside there are society’s “unadoptables” ;  they are the pets that would have been euthanized had they ended up in a shelter other than SANS (The West Coast Spay & Neuter Society).    Many were left on tethers, starved, beaten and generally so badly abused that they  never recovered full use of limbs or  from blindness.    Together with a heroic woman, Kathe Jeffries, who has sacrificed much of her life and who takes care of them, these animals lead the lives of pets who had grown up loved in homes even though they did not start their lives that way.

Because of the remote location, volunteers from FirstMate Pet Foods have been kind enough to help manage our online presence communicating with SANS via satellite phone.

The animals’ stories are heartbreaking and heartwarming.    Over the coming months, stories of each of these animals (dogs, cat and horses) and their new lives in Quesnel will be posted on our website and Facebook page along with their photos.   We (FirstMate) hope you will be moved as we were to help with their monthly food and vet bills.   Every $5.00 or $10.00 mean a lot to the group.    Kathe Jeffries and the dogs are in the middle of our third winter in an area  without electricity and running water.   The blankets that were donated to the horses and the treats and food that found their way to SANS Animal Sanctuary in December 2011 are being used with GREAT APPRECIATION.

A Sunset From The SANS Property in Quesnel

SANS Animal Sanctuary is a Federally Registered Charity and Registered Society in the Province of British Columbia, Canada.

The original charity has moved from Mission, British Columbia to Quesnel, British Columbia.

A tax receipt will be generated for any donations made in the form of cheques or credit cards.

History of SANS Animal Sanctuary

Founded in 1990,  SANS Animal Sanctuary was originally founded as a volunteer-run, non-profit, no kill, registered charity in British Columbia.   Its mission was to help alleviate the suffering and destruction of companion animals due to abandonment, neglect, abuse and overpopulation.    The shelter nurtured incoming dogs and cats making them available for adoption to caring and loving homes.    SANS also provided public education on the plight of abandoned and abused animals as well as educating the public on the benefits of spaying and neutering.

In 2009, the SANS Animal Sanctuary was forced to leave its original home in  Mission, B.C.     The founder, Kathe Jeffries, was faced with a difficult decision regarding the the 65 dogs, numerous cats and several older horses.   She was required to move these animals to another safe haven for these animals to live out the remainder of their lives  or they would be confiscated  and potentially euthanized by the authorities.

Foster :)
At her own personal expense, Kathe Jeffries, purchased acreage far north outside of Quesnel, British Columbia, 43 kilometers from the main road.   There is shelter on this property and while not perfect, the animals are safe from cold and enjoy long walks and freedom.   Their veterinary care and food are the major expenses.    Over time, Kathe Jeffries is hoping to raise enough through donations to enhance their sanctuary with building materials to protect in winter and against the elements.  As access to people is cut off in winter, Kathe has relied on a satellite phone to communicate with the outside world.   It has been difficult to obtain internet or raise funds through donations or organized fundraisers as she has in the past.

The SANS Animal Sanctuary website is now complete with PAYPAL and is set up to help this organization again to  receive donations.   The website will post Kathe`s photos and letters to illustrate who the animals are, their individual stories and bring a face to where your donations will be going.

The SANS Animal Sanctuary is entirely supported by private donations from concerned and compassionate citizens and businesses.   Monetary donations are Tax Deductible and an a tax receipt will be issued.